They have caressed Bridget Bardot´s curves and haved crossed oceans´s waves. They have marched in the Vietnam War and danced nights at St. Tropez. They were born on the ships of the American Army but have become famous on the bodies of the most beautiful woman in the world. Seafarer pants have plowed through history on both land and sea, uniting style and emancipation, war and peace, Hollywood and Rive Gauche.

In the beginning of the 20th century their story began as a necessity: sailors needed trousers they could take off in a hurry in case of storm and easily roll up and not get wet when they disembarked in the sea. Seafarer, for the first time consecrated the detail that would make style history: the big bell pants. Than a twist of fate that only the fashion industry could go along with, in the 60s and 70s they were found in second-hand shops, and than worn by Isabelle Adjani, BB, Ursula Andress, Jane Birkin, Raquel Welch, Jaqueline Bisset, Farah Fawcett. 
They have a perfect cut, not forced, flawless, capable of becoming an age, telling an idea. Representing the smile of the sailor who kissed his girlfriend after the war. Or the bliss of Jane Birking on those french afternoons, that became the ideal of casual chic. So chic that it ended up in Metropolitan Museum in New York, like one of the design masterpieces from the 20th century.

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